Didyma: A fabulous paradise from the antiquities till now

With historical structures that have survived until today from the antiquities, lush vegetation, long beaches, and sparkling clean sea, Didyma is a fabulous tourist destination that astonishes all visitors.

Golden sand

Known as “The golden city of the Aegean” due to its golden sands, Didyma is a unique location where the green meets the blue.

A big project

The Aegean Star is the biggest summer housing complex project in the Aegean Region. It is built along a 350-meter beach in front of a forest. The project consists of 1024 independent summer houses in 45 blocks. Houses, a shopping center and amenities are projected on a 116.000 m2 project area in a bay overlooking the sea. The project area has a frontage of 350 meters to the sea.

A sparkling clear sea

The Aegean Star Didyma is has a special location with a sea continually cleaning itself thanks to reverse currents. There is no humidity because the winds blow from the land to the sea.

Health tourism

Being a holiday destination for centuries thanks to its natural beauties, Didyma is also the center of the health tourism. Coupled with the sea air rich in iodine, its very fresh air offers cure for many chronic diseases including especially “asthma”. The Akbük Bay where the Project is situated is a region that attracts health tourists, especially the asthma patients.

7 different pools

With indoors and outdoors pools, you will enjoy swimming at 7 points. Housing the largest pool in Didyma, the project offers you many alternatives to swim to a completely new life.

Forest and sea views on both sides

You will see the green and the blue most in the Aegean Star Didyma because each apartment is surrounded with a sea and forest view on one side. After relieving the day’s fatigue by swimming, you can lazily lie on a chaise lounge or have picnic in the area surrounded by trees next to the beach.

We are redefining the holiday comfort

An enjoyable holiday starts with a comfortable life. Each apartment has a balcony, 2 bathrooms and an air conditioner at Aegean Star Didyma.

The sea in your house

Your summer house meets the nature thanks to the 2.5 meter high ceilings. Spacious interior space and wide windows give you a sense of freshness.

Enjoy all events and fun

You now have many alternatives to color your holiday thanks to the Aegean Star Didyma. Beach volley area, fitness center, Turkish bath, sauna, restaurant, kayaking, surfing, sea banana, boat tours, trekking, historical and cultural tours, bicycle tours in the forest, parasailing… these are only some of the event you can enjoy..

We build trust

Of course, we designed a very special security system for such a special project. We handled all aspects of your stay to make sure you have a peaceful holiday with our specialist security personnel working on a 7/24 basis, the CCTV security and the controlled vehicle and pedestrian entrance-exit system.


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